Eracism 2012-2 Judges Training with Marcia Alessi October 10, 2012

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Eracism 2012-2 Kickoff Meeting October 3, 2012

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Eracism Announcements 3/15/2012

We've settled the user id issue. Some of you I've set up your id's for you. Look for tomorrow's email on this. We are sorry for the delay that this caused and the confusion that ensued. Each project we learn something new.

What's next:

  • Teachers will receive an email from me with usernames and passwords.
  • Each school has one username per debate group and each teacher has a username
  • You will receive access to the voicethreads in the next few days - I'll send a message through the google group when they are live.
  • Grids are in the hands of the steering committee to review today and I plan to release them tomorrow. We've got it set so it works with your spring breaks, etc. These will also be posted to wiki.
  • You will have an invitation in the next 24 hours to the voicethread bootcamp (but it may have gone out already.)
  • Judges are being trained over the weekend and will receive confirmation of their brackets early next week.
  • We will put the information on the calendar tomorrow when the brackets are confirmed.
What you should be doing:
Note: There is a Westwood in this debate round, but I"ve removed my own students because there wasn't room and also because I had a team that won last time.Some schools didn't get the 2 teams they requested and one school had a break schedule that made it impossible to include the school. We're heartbroken to have to not give everyone what they want but did our best. If some schools do not start on time, the two schools that didn't receive their request will be alternates. I'll communicate with those teachers.

Eracism Kickoff 2012 March 8, 2012

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