Debate Finals 2013-1

Debate Brackets
Recordings -
Bracket A
Bracket B
Bracket C
Bracket B - Persuade Me Again

Finals Schedule for Live Debates in Blackboard Collaborate -

BRACKET A - May 13 - 10:30 a.m. EST

2A Lounsberry Hollow A, USA - Affirmative--WINNER
5A Forest Ridge Academy, USA - Negative
P1010004 (2).JPG
Forest Ridge Academy-Schererville, IN

Forest Ridge Academy-Schererville, IN

Bracket B - May 13 - 2:30 a.m. EST

1B QSI Bratislava, Slovakia - Affirmative
5B Carmel Schools Association Elsa High School, Hong Kong - Negative--WINNER

Grade 8 Debaters.jpg

Bracket C - May 7 - 7:00 p.m. EST

1C Westwood Team 1, USA - Affirmative
Project 2013-1: Westwood Team 1 Bracket C - Runner-Up

4C International School of the Sacred Heart C, Japan - Negative--WINNER
ISSH HS Bracket C Team.png
ISSH HS Bracket C Team - Moeka, Yuri, and Reshma

Persuade Me Again - May 16 - 11:15 p.m. EST
Bracket B -
1A Singapore American School, Singapore Team 1 - Affirmative--WINNER
7B International School of the Sacred Heart B, Japan - Negative

Debate Finals - Information for Schools and Judges

The Eracism Debate Finals will be held in a synchronous environment. This may be a virtual world, similar to Second Life, or it may be in a virtual classroom such as Blackboard Collaborate.

Debating Teams: Virtual Classroom - Blackboard Collaborate

For debates held in the virtual classroom, Blackboard Collaborate here are the protocols and guidelines.
  • Schools must make sure they can download and access Blackboard Collaborate before the day of the debate
  • School teams will be given the use of a Blackboard Collaborate room to practice in 2-3 days before the final debate, if they wish to (this is strongly encouraged)
  • On the day of the debate schools are requested to come into Blackboard at least 20 minutes before the start to do an audio check and to get comfortable in the room
  • Speakers MUST wear a headphones/microphone headset. Each school can decide if they want speakers to come in separately on different computers, or if they will use the one connection and be visible in the room as one person only. Either way, they cannot have a speaker playing into their classroom while they have their microphone turned on
  • It is advised a teacher moderates for the debating students in Blackboard and makes sure the microphone is turned on and off at appropriate times during the debate
  • This is a synchronous debate therefore no time will be given between speakers for teams to confer. Each team must be ready to start immediately after the last speaker
  • The Final Debate will take no longer than ONE HOUR.
  • The Final Debate will be judged live and the result given before the end of the session. Judges will deliver their verdict verbally while live in Blackboard and share their thoughts about the debate before the session closes
  • As with the asynchronous debates in the quarter and semi-finals the format of the Final Debate will be:
    • Affirmative #1- will make their case (5-7 minutes)
      • 2 min break for teams and judges to reflect
    • Negative #1- will make their case (5-7 minutes)
      • 2 min break
    • Affirmative #2- will continue to make their case and rebut Negative #1 (5-7 minutes)
      • 2 min break
    • Negative #2- will continue to make their case and rebut Affirmative #1 (5-7 minutes)
      • 3 min break to help Negative gather final rebuttal material
    • Negative #3- closing statement and final rebuttal, no new materials introduced (3-4 minutes)
      • 3 min break to help Affirmative gather final rebuttal material
    • Affirmative #3 - closing statement and final rebuttal, no new materials introduced (3-4 minutes)
  • Each debating team will have 2-3 live speakers
  • AUDIO is the main focus of the debate therefore it is essential speakers can be heard clearly. VIDEO can also be used via webcam, and this can add interest and variety to the debate. We encourage this from both teams, however be aware it may affect bandwidth and audio quality.
  • The time limit for each debate must be observed and the judges will impose penalties for going over the maximum time
  • A team who experiences technical difficulty during the debate will not be penalized and time will be added on as needed up until the maximum allowable speaking time. A team who is cut off due to Internet connectivity must attempt to come back into the room, and if this fails must EMAIL debate organisers (Julie Lindsay and Eva Brown) as soon as possible (immediately if email is still available). Once again, judges will do their best to determine a winner based on how much of the debate has taken place.
  • If a debate is interrupted for technical reasons and judges are not able to determine a winner, the debating teams can either decide to hold the debate again on another date OR agree to a tied result OR if no debate has taken place a non-debate will be declared
  • All debates will be recorded and available afterwards for review

Judges: A Live Debate to Adjudicate

Judges of the Debate Finals - Welcome to this final synchronous debate format. Please note that each live debate will be held in Blackboard Collaborate. Debating and judging will be LIVE and take place within the 1-hour meeting. Please note the following:
  • A Judge Team will consist of 1 Lead Judge + 2-3 additional Judges. There will be 1 Judge Team per debate
  • Judges will respond and provide feedback to the debate approx. 5 min after the debate conclude
  • Judges will be sent to a breakout room in Blackboard to confer for about 5 min. to determine their decision
  • All judges will then come back to the main room and, at the direction of the lead judge, share their findings and views about the debate and disclose the winning team.
  • Refer to Judges' Rubric for adjudication specifics