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Eracism Project

The Eracism pilot project held November-December 2009 is now finished. All debates can be found via the menu on this wiki. Congratulations to the class at Westwoods School for being the Strand 1 winners, and also to the class at International School Beijing for being the Strand 2 winners! See ALL of the the schools Involved via the Pilot Project Debate Brackets
We invite viewers of this wiki to leave their discussion comments, reflection and feedback via the VoiceThread here. More information available on the Eracism website. The NEXT Eracism Project will take place in October - December 2010. Applications will be accepted starting in August 2010. Join the Flat Classrooms Educator Ning for updates and follow us on Twitter.

About the Project

Debate topic: 'Differences Make us Stronger'
At the Flat Classroom(tm) Conference in Doha, Qatar in January 2009, a visionary group of students proposed that a series of debates be held to promote awareness of racism on a global basis and how we need to work together to solve the world's

This multi-national group of four students proposed their project and were promoted through an extensive voting process including a global vote on the next project to be run by the Flat Classroom(tm) project founders, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay.

Virtual world and digital storytelling pioneer, Bernajean Porter and Peggy Sheehy, saw the proposal and believed this was an important project to pilot. Now, these four educators are working together on a pilot project in which middle school students will use VoiceThread to debate "Differences make us stronger" from October - December 2009. The winning two teams will complete the process by debating live in a virtual world in December 2009.

This project is being piloted as a direct result of student vision but also because of the essential need to bring back fact-based debate and dialog to the curriculum of our schools. After the pilot is completed, organizers will propose methodologies and the results of the project shared to encourage increased adoption of this model by other schools.

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