ObaWorld - Our Eracism 2013-1 Global Community

As shared on the Eracism 13-1 Press Release!

Eracism Projectorganisers are excited to announce a cooperation between Flat Classroom® and ObaWorld to support the development of an online community for all Eracism teachers, students and volunteers. Visit the Eracism portal on ObaWorld to find out more.

ObaWorld Eracism will create an online space for us to:
  • Connect classrooms and teachers together to form a learning community
  • Facilitate Eracism Project planning - especially teacher to teacher where debates on Voicethread need to be planned
  • Get to know teachers and students in other countries
  • Discuss issues around the current debate topic
  • Discuss issues and share resources beyond the current debate topic

ObaWorld is a global educational network coordinated by the University of Oregon’s College of Education. Members of the network are connected through an online learning platform that provides a secure environment for schools to connect globally with multiple levels of functionality for students and educational leaders. It is a creative space for students to develop materials, work on project ideas, and participate in global classrooms. The ObaWorld platform is owned and controlled by the UO’s College of Education.

Information for Schools to Participate in ObaWorld for Eracism 13-1

To participate in ObaWorld schools must do the following:
  • Complete and sign the attached ObaWorld Community License agreement (complete pages 2 and 10)
  • Complete the attached Accounts Spreadsheet with student and teacher information from your school
This is then to be returned to:
  • University of Oregon - joinOba@obaworld.net or Fax: 541-346-8697

Due to our agreement with ObWorld and the University of Oregon's Global Education Initiative, fees for participation in Eracism 13-1 have been waived for entering ObaWorld (see Articles 6.1 and 7.1 of the License agreement). This is therefore an excellent opportunity for you and your school to get to know ObaWorld with a view to possible future use for other school needs.


Responsibility for COPPA compliance in the Eracism Project is with the participating school. The school must be responsible for obtaining consent from parents of participants younger than 13 years old.
A sample COPPA permission form can be downloaded below. Participating schools do NOT need to submit the collected, signed forms to ObaWorld or to Flat Classroom. The terms related to COPPA are outlined in Article 4.2 of the ObaWorld License Agreement and reproduced here for clarification.

Just to reiterate, neither Flat Classroom® Projects LLC nor the University of Oregon will take responsibility for COPPA compliance.

4.2. Organization represents and warrants that it is solely responsible for obtaining permission from its Authorized Users to meet the User Submission requirements above, compliance with student privacy laws, including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1996 (FERPA), compliance with all state and government regulations applicable to Organization and its Authorized Users, and for complying with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), which requires parental consent for online collection of personal information from children under 13. Organization must obtain advance verifiable consent (“Consent”) from all parents whose children will be accessing ObaWorld. When obtaining Consent, Organization must provide parents with a copy of this Agreement and inform parents that in participating in the ObaWorld network, their child may be sharing personally identifiable information online. Organization may elect to use ObaWorld partner services (e.g.. Google) for email or other services. If Organization chooses to do so, these services must also be properly consented by Organization. Organization must keep signed Consents on file and provide them to UO upon UO’s request. For more information on COPPA, please see www.ftc.gov/privacy.

- NEW!! February 26

Coming soon! ObaWorld information on creating a global community!