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Voicethread Bootcamp -


1. Login to your Eracism VoiceThread account at: Your login to Voicethread MUST BE the teacher email that was used in the project application form--ONE account per school.

2. Click on 'My Voice' to access the debate VoiceThread assigned to you and your students.

3. Debate 1 - Teams # and # is the current VoiceThread. The debate brackets tell which side of the argument your students are to present.
Teachers have view only access and students have view and comments permissions set. Both you and your students have been assigned to the current
debate VoiceThread. Click Comment to record your side of the argument.

4. The team that records the Affirmative (A) argument records first on the main slide that says 'Eracism' in the VoiceThread. The first Negative argument is recorded here as well.

5. Use the Rebuttals slide to record the affirmative and negative rebuttals.

6. The judges will leave feedback on the Judges slide.

7. All students will be able to leave feedback once the debate period closes. Permissions will be set so that all students can view and leave comments on
the Debate 1 VoiceThreads at that time (November 9th for the first round).

Please email me at if you have further questions about recording comments.

Resources and VoiceThread Examples

Refugee Stories VoiceThread Project Example

VoiceThread - "What is a VoiceThread?"

*created by Laurie King, Dysart USD, Arizona

More info from about VoiceThread

VoiceThread Bootcamp - session held March 22/23, 2012, Blackboard Collaborate